Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Need an event space!

We're looking for a venue for the next FAD! Mid-February, can host up to 30-40 artist's work. Need at least 3 days/evenings for set-up, event, and clean-up. 

Anyone know where we can host FAD this year? Respond or email us at

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

We're getting ready!

Woo-hoo! With a new group of creative-types leading the charge, we expect to hold another Fun-A-Day this upcoming January!

Want to help plan? Meet us at the Coffee Exchange at 5:30pm this Tuesday, 11/5!

See you there!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


What began as a gathering at Coffee Exchange and a call from Craigslist, Fun-A-Day Providence enters the fourth year of celebrating the creativity embedded in our beautiful city. 

But, we need your HELP! With time comes changes. The founding organizers of Fun-A-Day Providence are looking to pass the torch to a new group of passionate artists and organizers. While we believe strongly in the mission of Fun-A-Day (to have fun!), new opportunities have pulled us away from organizing this amazing event.

Make Fun-A-Day yours, Providence! 
It's easy: (1) find a location, (2) get some artists together, and (3) throw a party! It doesn't take much; the first Fun-A-Day in Philadelphia was held in someone's home!

If you've attended our celebration events in the past, participated as an inspired sojourner, know someone who is great at organizing, or have a megaphone willing to broadcast the Fun-A-Day mission, let us know! Email us, share our info on Facebook, whatever it takes. This event and this celebration has added so much color and warmth to the coldest of Providence winters, but it can't happen without YOU! 

Stay inspired, Providence!
- Hong, Catie, Natasha, Liz, Pnina, Sarah, Anna, and Joanna

Friday, February 8, 2013

One Week From Today!

Are you ready to share your work?!

Friends, the time has come! Gather and proudly show the work you've done for Fun-A-Day! Every day in January, you've created art (or at least thought about it?) and now it's time to shine! CELEBRATE with three cheers and a pot luck surrounded by your friends and family! We've made it into the New Year with imagination and inspiration at our heels!

FREE HANG: Yeah, that's right. YOU hang your work however you want -- have an idea? Let us know! EMAIL US to let us know you're participating. That's right, email us to tell us you're going to share your work! We need to know how big your piece is going to be -- do you have 31 8x11in pieces of paper? Fourteen glass blown snowflakes? Forty 4x6in pictures? Whatever it is, let us know!

Free Hang times:
  • Friday, Feb. 15th 10am-5pm.
Meet us at the WBNA at 1560 Westminster St, Providence, RI.

The great people at the West Broadway Neighborhood's Association have kindly let us use their space again! What did past shows look like? We had pictures posted to glass doors, postcards hanging from strings, and musicians performing their pieces. Get inspired from photos of years past.
  • Friday, Feb. 15th 7-11pm
  • Saturday, Feb. 16th 7-11pm 
Invite your friends and family on Facebook!

Can't make it to the free hang before the show? Drop off your work to the WBNA on Wednesday, Feb. 13th from 6-10pm. We'll be there!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hey, all you Fun-A-Day stars! 

Come get inspired and share your work if you'd like at the Meet and Greet- 

This Thursday, January 10th from 6-8 pm at 
Fertile Underground PVD 
1577 Westminster Street.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Newcomers Organizing meeting

Dear friends of Fun A Day Providence,

Hard to believe that another year has rolled around and it's time to start thinking, planning and dreaming about what this year's project will be. For us organizers, it's also time to start thinking, planning and dreaming about what this year's show is going to be like. If you think you'd like to come and put your head together with ours, we would 
really LOVE to have you join of team of organizing folks (organizers). We always need people who have ideas, or connections, or know how, people skills, or just good energy to impart. This group started as a rag a tag bunch (sorry guys!) of assorted amazing people and we'd like to continue that tradition by inviting you to pitch in and be one of us.
Sooooo, the first meeting for this year's organizers is this Saturday morning (10/20) at 10:30 am @ the Coffee Exchange on Wickenden St. in Providence
Whoever you are, you are welcome!!!!!!!!
Look for a friendly group of artists. If one of us has time, we will also be bearing a sign saying, yep, you've guessed it, FUN A DAY ORGANIZERS.
Wishes for a peaceful week and to see you Saturday,

The Fun A Day Team

Monday, February 20, 2012

Fun-A-Day 2012

Dear Fun A Day Providence Participants and Guests, 

Thank you so much for participating this year and coming out to the show this weekend. It was an real honor to have you, your supportive presence, your delicious refreshments, and your amazing, inspiring work. So much beautiful energy in one place. You can relive the show and check out some of the photos here, thanks to Chloe 
Already looking forward to seeing you next year.

Lots of love,
The Fun A Day Team :-)